Friday, February 28, 2014

Vespa town ....ehm China town and more :-)

I will start with Thursday night as it was spectacular! We have plotted a dinner out with my newly gained Dhamma sisters from Kancana centre: Pueng, Natt and Mee. They have chosen an amazing restaurant above the big and mighty Chao Phraya river with a view of the temple of Dawn. We shared food the Thai way and had lots of fun.

I have to say that this great evening was followed by a very enjoyable Friday. I spent it all in China town and the temple of dawn. After some troubles finding the river pontoons and boat hopping which was great, it's so cool on the water, I arrived at this famous quarter in good mood. The amount of goods, stalls, tourists, traffic, I mean it's buzzing! For me the best surprise was the number of old Vespas here, these old ladies are still riding in style and look just fab, what ever business they are used for. I found a great lunch with no chilies and no meat in a small restaurant, where some guests were happy to talk to me and even share their food! Later on I escaped the noise to a nice temple and then found a bit modern PHRA MAHA MONDOP - a museum of history of China town and history of golden Buddha image and finally the image it self on 4th floor. Cost me 140b for the full exhibition and I have to say that it was worth the money and I can recommend you to visit this place because the exhibition is of a high quality (comperable to British museums) and well explains the history of china town, in line with history of China and Thailand so it provides full picture till modern days. Then the technique of making a Buddha image in 13th century is well explained here step by step, which I found very interesting as well.

Back in the town, I bought an original tiger balm and jumped on a boat to Temple of Dawn. This place is also worth your time and money (50b), it was nice in sunset scenery and as you can climb up the main shrine, it provides nice view. This very busy day left me quite tired so I'm just chilling today. Natt is taking me to her home town Nakhonpathom tomorrow and I want to be fresh to enjoy it. I will just go and try my selling skills in Khaosan road where I want to sell my book about sailing which I have fully studied and want to pass on for someone else to enjoy. It's also pretty heavy as it's on a good quality paper...

All pictures in the Thailand album as previously!