Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A bit of nature

Another hot day is over here in Thailand - still Kanchanaburi district. It's still a hot night, at least indoors, outside, above the river shallows is a nice cooling temperature (but many mosquitos too...).

Pictures from yesterday and today are here: https://picasaweb.google.com/113539602896214804659/ASIjA2014Thailand  I will, always feed them to this album so if you want to see only pictures, you can save the link.

Well, I took a bus to Erawan water falls this morning. It sounded as a good idea and so it certainly was. The only disappointment was the number of people who thought the same, especially groups of Russian tourists... Falls are pretty and the temperature was a tiny bit more bearable there in the Forrest and close to cold azure water. Unfortunately, I was not clever enough to bring a swimsuit, well I will do so next time. Check out pictures, the water was so clear and cool! Once I've found a small track of the tourist stream I managed to see some unique butterflies, common lizards, birds and blue flowers producing beautiful fragrance. 

The bus ride is enjoyable despite the old shiny Mercedes vehicle which struggles uphills. :-) it takes only 1,5 hours and the driver will stop where you want to on the way back. (Find alarm clock on the picture.) ;) There is no aircon and you can open a window, much better way of traveling than modern busses - I say.
Back in the town, I looked at the train station which is cute and then went to the post office, pharmacy for vitamins, finaly bought a comb for my messy hair and also got some water. I can finally appreciate the cold shower in these hot days. 
Tomorrows plan is to visit some museums, and I might head out to Ayuthaya the following day. Although the landlord made me a dinner tonight which was very nice of him, he is really above the river and fishermen are passing by on the piers leading to bungalow rooms just below the porch. It creates authentic atmosphere I have to say. They use sort of harpunas and bring the fish in plastic bags full of water. There is no wind tonight so mosquitos do bite!
Oh and I met two sisters from Alaska there in the forest, we sort of met on my first day here as I was asking them for directions. Such nice girls, traveling for two month Thailand + China. Exciting!
                              So long!