Thursday, February 27, 2014

Back to Bangkok

I took a train to Bangkok yesterday, it costs 28 baths and takes about 3 hours from Lop buri. The journey was pleasant as much as it can be in midday heat, but all those aisle sellers keep you occupied :-) . When I was trying to get a taxi on the main train station I noticed two German guys just doing the same, so I jumped in a tuk-tuk with them, 3 people, lots of bicycle bags and a bike :-) . I had a nice chat with one of them and the other one didn't take my share of the costs when we arrived at Khao San road. Very nice and generous gentlemen! Thank you again :-) .
From there I took it by walk to Samsen and found a guesthouse recommended to me by my Spanish friend from meditation course - yes, you Monika :-) . Its called Bangkok House, night is for 200b! And it's cute, clean and quiet (depending on guests as it's an old wooden house). See my new home :-) + do not trust searching sites like TripAdvisor or other sites for accommodation, these were saying that this hostel is full and price was much higher. Just be brave and go, there will be surely a free room somewhere!
Well after a short stroll around famous Khao San, I went back and had a sound sleep.
Today I felt brave so went walking towards the grand palace, found Wat Pho - very nice, pictures in the album. Its a long walk, I have to admit. The emeralrd Buddha will have to wait before I go to see him, the price is just so high! 500b... I am not sure if I can efford it now, maybe next time. It was recommended to me so it is probably worth it. Instead I bought myself a skirt :-) I had to throw one shorts away so didn't have spare leg cover, now I can go to do my laundry and still be well dressed. :-) 
Well I hope you have fun reading my blog, you can comment and let me know.
This is my favourite dish here, okok, I know it is a dessert, but desserts were always my favourite part of the menu! It's a pumpkin in coconut milk served hot. Yum! Family, I will make you some when I'm back, just remind me, OK?