Monday, February 3, 2014

Thejourney has started

Hellos from the great Frankfurt airport!

First I need to thank you all for your wishes, help, advice, care, messages and calls! The number of people that said happy journey to me is so high that this trip will be amazing for sure! Thank you!

From the moment I woke up this morning, I feel like in a dream which is real.
This airport feels like a huge fish tank, I had no idea how big it was!
Longest ever flight is ahead of me and once I get out of the plane, it will be a busy morning in great Bangkok. The first quest is to find my hostel which should be easy and the next day the spot with bus to meditation center in Kanchanaburi. For you who don't know look up for more info about meditation I practice.
I will add some departure pictures later on. So far I had an amazing pumpkin-ginger soup here in a restaurant and a vegetarian sandwich on the plane served by nice and friendly Lufthansa. Thats just facts, but it feels all amazing! Tha's it from me for now. Take care and enjoy the snow!! ;)