Monday, February 24, 2014

Ayutthaya - Lopburi

To continue where I stopped last time, ... Auythaya by boat is a great idea, the trip takes 2 hours, costs about 200bth and will provide completely different angle to sightseeing.
Despite all the looks and question marks in eyes of locals, we insisted on morning tour and it was well worth it. Later on we discovered that the boat trip was Normaly set for 4pm to catch the scenery at sunset. But without extra colours we experienced pleasant journey without extra tourists! More over, there was a ceremony in one temple so, it was truly great.

Next day me and the two nice Germans Alex and Theresa took the river crossing boat to the train station (cost 3bth! Unlike tuk-tuk) and headed north. I have jumped out just after an hour in Lop buri and waved the young couple goodbye. I chose this place in pursuit of cheaper stay and peace and quiet. While to my surprise the accommodation costs are the same and Sunday was the last day of big festival celebrating the king here, so far far away from quiet. :-)  but that's life.

There are plenty of ruins for such a small town but only limited places to stay. The whole town is also occupied by a high number of monkeys which are a bit violent. I have witnessed an attack on plastic back with bananas. The woman who carried it did let go of it with a smile, so probably a common scenery here. But I was happy to have my foldable shopping bag from ikea, pink, but not see through! It looks like the only place which monkeys do not like is ruins of European diplomatic site from 18th century. :-)
To the festival, it actually brought much more coloure to what Lopburi can offer. People dressed up in some kind of traditional pants and dresses, some heavily make-upped and everyone in a good festive mood. High number of stalls with expensive fabrics and clothes, cosmetics and food was something a bit different to the normal markets cramped with cheep Chinese goods. Lots of places were decorated with fresh flowers arranged in sand and wonder gardens were created in two places as well.

Enjoy new pictures here:
Next report will be from Bangkok. :-)