Friday, February 21, 2014

Ayutthaya - wonders of ruins

OK first thing in this post I want to say how much I love Thai women driving their Scooters around. They look so magestic! Turning elegantly around corners, smiling, of course they do not wear helmets so you can enjoy the full picture. Without effort, they just look good. They also drive their kithe driver and the older on the back. And sure you can see all kinds of passengers here, dogs on the foot rest and many other types of luggage hanging.

And on the road we stay for now :-) . I decided to leave Kanchanaburi on Thursday so early in the morning, I headed to the bus station. Let me just say, that around 7 in the morning, when I was about to snooze my alarm, a heavy shower started. Yes, it was raining for about 10 minutes and the air got cooler to some 22°C and freshened up nicely. So in this cool morning I took a tuk-tuk and the driver took me to a better spot than the main station but to the right bus at the corner of one street. A 2-hour long rather chilli ride to Suphanburi, where a mini bus driver took over me and got me safe to Ayuthaya. She played a movie on the way, I sat in the front so had the screen just before my nose, it was hard to avoid it. Very silly movie, all I say...
Now Ayuthaya, what is this place like. Well it's on the railway track up north and its a former kings home town. This country was defeated by the strong burmies army and after that the capital was moved. The very center is situated on a large river island encircled by 3 rivers. But the whole thing is not completely natural, there was some digging done in early days for defense purpose. Currently this city is not less dusty then any other place in Thailand and customes are the same as well. Fortunately all hostels are situated in one spot 2 minutes from the bus terminal. Huray, no taxi, no long walks! I got a cheep room, found a post office and finally got food in the hostel's restaurant. I didn't feel like doing much so chilled for the day. This morning I had a bicycle ride around historical sites in my mind so I went to get a bike (40bath/day).

A young German couple was just doing the same thing, hiring a bike so I asked them where they were going and if I could hang out and they were pretty happy so off we peddalled together.
All that remains from Ayuthaya's former glory are few cheddies and lots of brick ruins. (See pictures) most of sites charge 50b and the temple with huge bronze (but goldplated) statue of Buddha is free of charge. So we talked, had lunch, did some stalls strolling and more peddalling on these busy dusty roads. At one moment we saw a pretty long snake hurrying into bushes. Spotted few birds too. I have to say it was very enjoyable shared experience. We met for dinner again and will try to do a boat trip tomorrow.
Also hostel staff around this place is very nice and friendly, making jokes and mess around. Sweet people!
I'm not exactly sure where I will move next, but it will be on Sunday. Let's just say that having window to the main street with all day and nigh buzz is not exactly my cup of tea now.

Stay tuned, I'll try to update pictures daily!