Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kanchanaburi first days

 This is where I am now. River Guest House. Yesterday's sunset was nice, right? As I am not feeling perfectly well today, I will stay in for now and see, if my condition improves, I will take pictures of sunset on the bridge. River Kway is very clean, at least here, when the mud settles down. This place is not super clean, but the owner is very nice, speaks good English and is very helpful (took my bag in the room and placed my water in a fridge).
Yesterday, I got a lift from the meditation center to Kanchanaburi by a nice woman Ning and her son Not. She has been meditating for ten years and now when her son graduated, she went to a monastery. She also said that she knew me from past life, that she recognised me! Thai people are nice! But there was aircon in the car and that caused me a headache. Well I felt lucky so started walking to the center, as they dropped me next to the huge war cemetery, but that was a mistake, I should have had to go to the river instead. Never mind, spend some hours walking around with the heavy bag looking for place to stay, when I was super tired and hungry, an oldish man on a motorbike asked Taxi? And I jumped behind him and felt very happy. He took me to this place for 20 baths. I was just walking the wrong direction... This town is not in my guidebook and I couldn't even find an internet cafe. At least I know where  the bus station and pier is and bought Thai phone number which needs to top up. Number is: 0066958200291. Oh well not everything is always perfect right?

 Hey and there is a gecko in my room now! ;) . I will keep you posted!
Other picture will be here