Wednesday, March 5, 2014

From Siam to Singapore

Leaving Bangkok and Thailand after a month was nice and sad in the same time. It was mainly thanks to my new friends that I really enjoyed it and also it felt like I have finally got used to it. Sunday was fantastic, Natt and her husband were driving me from place to place, explaining everything I didn't know. I made my very first offering and prayer to Buddha and found out that because I was born on Tuesday, my Buddha is the reclining one (there you have it mom, thats why I like lying down and sleeping so much)! :-) well, no, actually this image shows buddha leaving to final nirvana, not sleeping. I also met Natt's parents, very nice people, her auntie made me a traditional hat which old rice farmers used and her mom gave me fantastic grilled sticky rise desserts. I felt pamperred all day long! Later back in the hostel, I met Monica again and we had a nice breakfast together the following day. So thank you all very much!

Now Singapore! It is a she, it's a lioness and so it looks like! I felt a little bit like back in Europe for first few minutes although, many things here function much better then on the old continent. Being on MRT train, you just cannot miss your stop, not mind gab, get lost or feel unsure, everything is so well marked that it's almost unbelievable. This time, I'm staying with a very nice CS Olivia, she managed to pick me up at the train stop and recognised me! :-)
She has a pretty flat and two cats! Blocks of flats here are really nice, mostly due to friendly community atmosphere. People here are out a lot, playgrounds, benches, hawkers stalls, everything is outdoors and I like it.
This modern city invites you for long walks and rewards them with interesting views. Although, sometimes a tip from a local can help find nice spots which are happily hiding behind all those skyscrapers and heavy traffic. For shopping lovers, this is the right destination, malls, markets and more malls and shops,...anything can be found here! Hunting for some old places, I strolled through a lot so my legs suffered greatly. I have very much enjoyed the South Asian museum with free guides talking about some objects with deep knowledge and in an entertaining manner. Lots of new places will breathe pure artificial, or at least they did to me. Like the famous water front gardens or even Sentoza island which looks like a huge playground, with aqua park, aquarium, monkies, trains, beaches, lots of theme places for kids, it's all there in bright colours and under precise maintenance.
The Raffels hotel is worth a visit, I was surprised by its size and luxury.
Well unfortunately, I'm leaving this entertaining island tomorrow morning as I have a long train journey ahead to another island - Penang, Malaysia. I already have a snack ready so need to pack and get a good sleep. :-)
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