Saturday, March 15, 2014

Itchy bites story

OK this post is not going to be as cheerful as the last one.
 I came to Langkawi two days ago by ferry from Penang. As the royal marina is very close by, I went there and placed my number on notice board for some sailors to pick up in pursuit of a crew position. Got a taxi, found the guest house I wanted to stay in but they were full, so I went on to the next one, got a shabby room with awfully shabby shared bathroom for 40RYM and I immediately started looking for other place or solution like volunteering or so. I have met my future sailing teachers to pay my skipper course and enjoyed sunset on the beach. I woke up early in the morning for a sunrise swim in the sea and found out that lots of mosquitoes were having luxurious feast on me. The windows were not closeable so they had it easy. :( Swimming will cool it down I thought so I enjoyed nice morning on the beach and went looking for a local dog and cats shelter to see if they need any volunteers. Later that day, I got a text that they are full and other places I tried online didn't reply to me. So I have moved to a bit better guest house near by and for same price I got nice room with a private bathroom. Phew! Hung my mosquito net for a first time and enjoyed the rest of the day. I only had a slight suspicion that some of the spots are new and that was weird. After rather itchy night I found out in the morning that lots of my spots multiplied but there was no insect to do so, also some of bites got blisters and that is a sign of infection. So I got a taxi (teksi) to hospital for a check. They gave me antihistamines, antibiotics, some other pills, creams to apply on skin and an injection. I feel a bit weak but my skin is already improving. So I think it's good I didn't get any volunteering job for now as I need to take care for myself first. It's nothing serious, I am just glad I had it checked. It reined for first time after 4 month of draught this afternoon so that feels very nice too and it might rain again :-) . I have met Mike a boat owners and his fellow sailor - a nice girl from Poland, we might meet again next week to see the boat. Once i feel better, I will hire a scooter and explore this island a bit more.
These mosquitoes really love me, I need to do anything to stop them from now on as I might be allergic to them or, they might carry infections which I do not deal well with. Oh, dear I hope next post is much more positive as I am sure that this place can offer much more joy and fun. :-)
Here is an evening update: medication started working so all is a bit better, less itchy, less red,...

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