Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another month is almost over and no post! What happened? Well this is what happened :-) . After few days in Kuala Lumpur I moved to Kuantan where Dhamma Malaya meditation centre is located and sat my third 10 day Vipassana meditation course. KL was different this time as I stayed with a couchsurfer so had a sneak peak to the life of Malay secretary, local alternative scene and public transport. I have tried to like it more, but even this time I was not much more successful. So maybe if I go again and follow advice of my new friend Eva, I will finally enjoy this dirty city, who knows. Meditation centre was a real opposite. It's located close to two highways in the middle of palm oil plantations and fruit farm. Lots of trees, birds and reptiles. I stayed for few more days after the course to help out with maintenance before a 30 day course started. There is always so much to do in a centre that I was quite happy to leave again :-) no, no I have enjoyed my stay but relaxing there was out of question.
From Kuantan town I moved further north on east coast to place called Cherating. It took some patience to wait for old beaten local bus and shake away demanding taxi driver... anyway, Cherating  is known as a surfing beach, but only in the monsoon season in Chinese sea, which is December to February. This time it was very sleepy, most  of the businesses were closed and there was little to do. I have finished one book and that was my goal so all cool.
Night bus to Kuala Besut, short transfer, couple of hours waiting in the early morning and first boat to paradise = Perhentian islands.
I've chosen the small one of the two - kecil and so far I am pretty happy. The speed boat delivers everyone to their place stopping over around the islands. My place is called D'lagoon and a smaller boat had to pick me up in the middle of the bay :-) cool hm?
Even though I was tired after night traveling, I went for a jungle track to another beach, got lost so paced one track twice, found myself and arrived to Long beach hungry and thirsty. They charge more for everything in paradise, so good bye cheep food. Even water is more expensive. But no complains, right!  I booked my open water PADI diving course (starting on Wednesday)! The decision making was very difficult, as this is a cheapest place in SE Asia to do it, but the budget is always tight... Well I have to thank my family which helped me with this decision, thank you! I hope I will like it as many people tell me so.
I sleep in a dorm here and Swiss (French speaking woman) Martin already lives there. So far we have it for our self. She is very much into snorkeling and was kind to take me with her today. Overcoming stupid childhood fears is a hard work. Also swimming against current is! :) The under water life is very rich here, lots of colourful fish, some corals still alive, blue spotted rays and I hope to see a turtle, that would be just awesome.
This afternoon has been exceptional!! I met 4 Slovakians on the Adam's and Eve's beach and later 'at home' I found out there are Czech guys staying next door. They arrived today. So much native language practising has not happened to me yet. So I call it connection to home day.  :-)
Pictures will follow once I upload them, we have very limited and slow WiFi here.