Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I will be in the plane in 13 days and so I decided to sum it up here a little. Where I am going and why? Well I've chosen Asia for my year gap to fulfill my dream. I have been dreaming about journey like this for a long long time. Dreaming since my first longer far holidays with my last serious ex. And that's sometime ago! Originally, I wanted to fly to Asia and come back home on the ground and explore all "Stans" (like Pakistan) on the way, but that is rather difficult now due to political reasons. Such journey would need a good travel planning and partner. So I will do the easier bit now and maybe this will become possible again some time in the future. Now the time has ripen and it feels right. Other reasons are a bit more obvious, like that this part of the world, in my eyes, is safer, cheaper and friendlier compare to South America or Africa but still adventurous. And I feel reasonably comfortable to go there alone.
Also as this will be holidays, I am not planning to work so far, maybe just volunteer here and there more for the sake of meeting locals and understanding the culture a bit deeper then just on touristy surface level. Thailand will be my first stop, the ticket is cheep and the country might be good for start :) So far, I get good feedback on this decision, so I hope I am right. I will be coming back to Thailand for visas later on so I will visit only few destinations on my first visit and leave the famous sea side for later. I will try Couch-surf whenever possible, so please cross your fingers for me there :).
My bag is almost packed, still need one shot of vaccination and shop for some necessary medicine and its done.
You will hear more from me from Frankfurt airport I hope, for now I need to keep excitement down and do some little more of working. So long!